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Ells – December 28, 2020

I began looking for a marriage counselor months ago because I was so disappointed with my marriage, crying often and afraid since my husband’s anger was getting worse over the years. We have a few children and I knew this is not the environment I want to raise them in.

There were so many marriage counselors but Dunn was by far the most thorough and frankly seemed like the only one who actually cared about our relationship.

His pricing seemed like a lot at first but after two months of working with him I would be willing to spend even more. In retrospect, a divorce would cost us more.

We still have work to do but this is the first time in years where I am feeling hopeful and actually beginning to enjoy my husband again! We would not be able to do this without Dunn’s work.

Scott S. – December 21, 2020

Dunn turned our marriage from being on the brink of divorce to happily ever after. Enough said.

Erik H – November 30, 2020

Last year I had gone to a marriage counselor for months and months, spent tens of thousands of dollars and my marriage did not get any better. Determined to make it work, I started looking again for a counselor. What Dunn was able to help me understand about my wife in one session is mind boggling. He literally saved my marriage and now we’re working on making it amazing again.

Jen M. – November 8, 2020

My husband had cheated on me over a year ago. At that time we had gone to a marriage counselor with little help. A year later things hadn’t really gotten better so we tried again.

Dunn took the time to speak with me and my husband and really understand the situation. Based on what he heard, he laid out a clear path for us, timeline, what to expect, etc.

We have had only three sessions so far and our relationship is better than it ever was. If you’re in an unhappy relationship, I highly recommend you put your faith in Dunn.

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  • I only offer my services to clients I am confident I can help.
  • I assess that by setting up a zoom consultation with both partners.
  • Office hours are Mon-Thu 7am-1pm PST / 10am-4pm EST .
  • Current session costs are $475/session.
  • Sessions typically run between 45-55 minutes.
  • All sessions are online.

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