Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Live your life

Love your life

This past hour was more helpful than the last few years of therapy.

D.R.General Anxiety

It’s time to make YOU a priority in your life.

True growth and an actual fulfilling/thriving life can only come from investing in yourself. That can mean spending the time and/or the money on yourself. Needless to say, nobody can invest in you more than you can, however, most people don’t know where to begin.

I believe the greatest gift you can give to someone is themselves. I’d love to work with you and together we can introduce you to yourself.

Measurable results

I am forever indebted to Dunn. I have a sense of freedom I've never experienced before.

K.L.Low Self-Esteem

"WOW... I've never experienced anything like that before."

C.L.Weight Management